Sir Winston Churchill once said ….

“There is something good about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of man.”

Our weekly summer camp program creates an atmosphere where a special relationship forms between the child and the horse, where they learn to respect and admire these beautiful creatures. Participants learn the basics of horse care, washing, grooming and feeding. Focus is on equitation as the most effective way to ride and stresses proper use of hands, legs, and body position. We have wonderful horses and ponies that know their job and love it.


Our daily program features

One hour of instructional riding
A lesson in horse science
Daily grooming/bathing
Horse terminology, colors of the horse, anatomy and horse care
Tacking of a lesson horse
Horse oriented Arts & Crafts
Horseback riding games
Afternoon ride


Your child will experience responsibility working as a team member. They will also learn how to set their own personal goals and create a plan for accomplishing their goals. Positive attitude and self-confidence are created through accomplishments which will enable them to try new things and succeed in any endeavor.




For our returning students we offer a Jr. CIT and CIT Advance Riding Program

This program features much of the behind the scenes duties that make the horse program happen. Everything from helping when the Vet or Farrier is in camp, to each morning helping our newest campers, saddle, groom, and turn out after their lesson. The CIT program includes what to do until the Vet arrives ,identifying illnesses, and the importance of a feeding program For the true animal lover we offer animal care where interested campers take on the responsibility to help care for all of the farm critters. Those interested students learn to care, feed and groom our goats, lamb, mini horses and donkeys.


Whether your child is a beginner or advanced rider our program will make your child smile as they experience the combination of making new friends and finding that special favorite horse. Fun is a priority and having good times and laughter will make memories that last far into your child's future.



Our equestrian staff is qualified to teach a wide range of riders. Young beginners play mounted games and get to learn all about their favorite horses, while others may learn to post to the trot, canter, or jump. More advanced riders get to jump through gymnastics or over natural obstacles.



How does Riding Camp help your child?


They will have experiences that………

Develop their confidence

Teach team work

Tackle new responsibilities

Become more creative

Interacting with a living being teaches RESPECT

Being in control of a large animal builds confidence

And the shared love of horses builds lasting friendships


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